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Body Aesthetic Medicine

The medical-aesthetic body treatments at the Escoda Clinic begin by listening to the needs of our patients and recommending only what we consider most appropriate for each case, adjusting our recommendations to a personalized program to achieve real objectives and natural results.

We accompany each person until they find the combination of treatments that suits them. We work holistically, treating the body as a whole and accompanying our aesthetic programs of dietary recommendations, daily routines and an exercise program adapted to the lifestyle of each patient.

We specialise in body treatments to lose weight without losing muscle mass, to reduce cellulite in the legs, reduce fat volume, and reaffirm and tone the body accompanied by an anti-aging diet.

Alidya, anti-cellulite mesotherapy. Prevents and treats cellulite quickly and effectively. Escoda Clinic, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona

Alidya Treatment

Alidya treatment consists of an injectable medical mesotherapy procedure (painless intradermal microinjections) specifically indicated for the prevention and treatment of

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