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Doctor Aleix Heredia, Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine. Doctor Escoda Clinic in Barcelona

Doctor Aleix Heredia

No. referee: 55835

Dr Aleix Heredia graduated in Medicine with a major and honors in Clinical Surgery from the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and a master’s degree in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine.

His main training experience took place in the prestigious Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona where he developed several programs of integrative medicine that combine physical exercise and nutrition along with nutritional supplementation for the treatment of different pathologies.

Besides, Aleix is a professional athlete and member since 2010 of the Spanish Olympic Team of Modern Pentathlon, a fact that makes him very aware of the specific needs of high-performance athletes.

His professional philosophy and the anti-aging treatments he devises in Dr Escoda’s Clinic are based on the design of holistic and multidisciplinary bespoke treatments, both for those who already suffer from some pathology (obesity, pre-diabetes…) and for those who simply want to prevent them and improve their aesthetics, their physical shape and their performance.

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