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Quality policy

Clínica Escoda is constituted by a team of people passionate about health and natural beauty care, with a shared and clear focus on how we want the practice of aesthetic medicine to be in our centre: An honest, safe, minimally invasive medicine that aims to deliver the best version of each person in the different stages of adult life.

As professionals in the aesthetic medicine sector, at Clínica Escoda we have forged a commitment to guarantee the maximum quality of our services. This commitment goes by the following principles::

  • Excellence: to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients, optimizing their experiences and minimizing the risks associated with the practice of our services.
  • Innovation: to continuously improve our aesthetic medicine services, as well as our internal processes, based on annually established objectives. Ensure continuous training on the latest and most innovative facial and body rejuvenation procedures.
  • Professionalism: promote training, awareness and motivation of our staff, as well as participation through teamwork and the contribution of suggestions.
  • Sustainability: minimizes the generation of waste and CO2 emissions, alongside the efficient use of materials and energy resources in our activities to preserve natural resources.
  • Compliance: comply with the requirements of our clients, applicable legislation and other subscribed requirements, promote transparency, and preserve the confidentiality of the information and data with which we work.
  • Safety: use continuous improvement to prevent damage and deterioration of health as the basis of our work activities, including coordination with external collaborating personnel, clients and suppliers.
  • Experience: more than 30 years of experience in aesthetic medicine to guarantee an adequate service to our clients.
  • Personalization: identifying and understanding the needs of each client, informing about all options and providing appropriate solutions.

This policy is complemented by the quality goals approved annually and is available to all our stakeholders through publication on our website.

Barcelona, May 22nd, 2022,

Nuria Escoda

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