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Discovering Bruxism: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions at Clínica Escoda

In today’s article, we will share everything you need to know about a common but often unknown condition: bruxism. 

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is mainly characterized by intense and unconscious occlusion of the teeth (clenching/grinding), usually at night, although it can also occur during the day. Its consequences can go beyond dental health, affecting overall quality of life.

Causes of bruxism

This situation can be associated with various factors, such as stress, anxiety, misalignment of the teeth, and jaw problems, among others. Bruxism usually has negative consequences for dental and general health, such as headaches and neck pain. At Clínica Escoda, we acknowledge the importance of addressing the underlying causes to offer helpful and tailored solutions.

Symptoms of bruxism

Bruxism can manifest itself through a variety of symptoms. It can cause premature tooth wear, jaw pain, headaches, and facial muscle discomfort. In more severe and chronic cases, bruxism can contribute to developing temporomandibular joint problems. Because of its consequences, bruxism requires medical attention and treatment, particularly when associated with painful symptoms or significant dental damage.

How do we tackle bruxism at Clínica Escoda?

Treatment approaches may include therapies to reduce stress and using mouthguards at night to prevent tooth wear.

Moreover, at Cinica Escoda, we address an emerging therapeutic method to treat bruxism by injecting relaxant protein into the muscles responsible for this intense contraction. This protein temporarily blocks the nerve signal in these muscles, resulting in controlled muscle relaxation.

Among the various benefits, this treatment reduces significantly the power when clenching/closing the teeth/chewing and thus the prevention of excessive tooth wear. In addition, muscle tension relief can help to reduce the painful symptoms associated with bruxism, improving patients’ quality of life.

It is crucial to mention that this treatment for bruxism is generally considered safe as long as a trained professional administers it in suitable medical settings.

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