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Diferencias entre el rostro masculino y femenino en el tratamiento de la medicina estética. Clínica Escoda, Barcelona

Differences in Facial Treatment for Men and Women

Men and women have distinct anatomical differences, leading us to approach their facial treatments differently. Let’s explore these variances layer by layer, from the deepest tissues to the skin, to understand how they influence our facial care approaches.

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Body Porgram, programas de remodelación corporal totalmente personalizados

Sculpting the body at 50

Body remodeling through the use of equipment, combined with a healthy diet, is an effective option for enhancing both figure and overall health.

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Cosmética y nutrición que ayudan a frenar el envejecimiento de la piel

Does skincare and nutrition help slow down skin aging?

There are many factors that influence skin aging, and there are numerous medical aesthetic treatments available to slow down and reduce its symptoms. But are there any measures we can take in our daily lives to contribute to maintaining youthful skin? Can skincare truly combat the signs of aging?

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