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Our team of medical professionals is at your service to guide you in your facial and body rejuvenation treatments as experts in aesthetic medicine in Barcelona.

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More than 30 years enhancing natural beauty.

Dr. Nuria Escoda, director of Clínica Escoda, is a specialist in non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments. With a holistic approach, she treats each patient in a global way to obtain the most natural and effective results.

Training the new generations of aesthetic medicine specialists.

Dr. Nuria Escoda regularly teaches specialization courses on injection techniques and facial harmonization to professionals in the sector.

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Dr Aleix Heredia graduated in Medicine with a major and honors in Clinical Surgery from the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and a master’s degree in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine.

His main training experience took place in the prestigious Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona where he developed several programs of integrative medicine that combine physical exercise and nutrition along with nutritional supplementation for the treatment of different pathologies.

Colegiado nº: 39423

La doctora Teresa Garriga es graduada en Medicina por la Universidad de Barcelona – Hospital Clínic – y cuenta con un Máster en Medicina Estética y del Bienestar

Actualmente trabaja en el Hospital Universitario Vall d’Hebron como Facultativa Especialista Adjunta. Equilibra hábilmente sus responsabilidades hospitalarias con su práctica privada en medicina estética, la investigación y la docencia.


Auxiliary staff

Esmeralda Pozo. Dietitian specialist in body treatments Clínica Escoda, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine

Esmeralda Pozo

Health care assistant
Dietitian specialist in body treatments
Quiti Sanchez, health care assistant and specialist in electrical depilation. Clínica Escoda, Aesthetic Medicine in Barcelona

Quiti Sánchez

Health care assistant
Microblading specialist
Mariona Herranz, Health care assistant and specialist in laser micropigmentation Clínica Escoda of Aesthetic Medicine in Barcelona

Mariona Herranz

Health care assistant
Electric hair removal specialist
Mercedes Alfaro. Health Care Assistant in Aesthetic Medicine. Clinica Escoda Barcelona


Health care assistant
Specialist in facial massage


Unidad Facial.
Técnica Experta auxiliar médico.

Also collaborate in the clinic:

Doctor Antonio Raja

No. referee: 35351

Dr. Raja i Conesa, a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, has extensive knowledge of the most innovative techniques for facial rejuvenation. Throughout his years of training he has taken numerous postgraduate courses in the main procedures of Aesthetic Medicine. He collaborates in Escoda Clinic applying the tensor thread technique, of which he is a specialist.

Dr. Antonio Raja, especialista en hilos tensores. Clínica Escoda Barcelona
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