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If flaccidity and those first wrinkles are already on your radar, at Clínica
Escoda we have the solution with this super-complete treatment to
achieve an instant lifting effect and long-term hydration and firmness in your
, with a glow effect.

We inject the product at 5 strategic points on each side of the face
using the BAP technique.
The solution for a luminous face
wherever you are!

Painless, in a few minutes, fast, safe and effective. It is a world leading treatment and at Clínica Escoda we are international experts in its application. 

Mesohial is your ally to restore softness and glow to your skin if
you have dry skin or if you see the first expression lines appearing.
With the Hidrafresh treatment we restore the natural composition of your
, visibly reduce its roughness, and give it that boost
of elasticity it needs.

Visit us and transform your skin: smoother, hydrated, and with a
much fresher and healthier appearance.



If you are concerned about frown lines around the lips and you want to delay its appearance, in our clinic we solve it quickly and effectively.

By injecting a soft hyaluronic acid, we manage to
soften those expression lines that can give a tired look to your face,
achieving immediate and natural results while always maintaining
harmony and expressiveness.

Do you want to accentuate your cheekbones to enhance your face and make it look more defined and harmonious? At Clínica Escoda we can achieve it
through a small injection of hyaluronic acid.

By reducing flaccidity and filling in the contours, you will make your
face look taller and more feminine. Shine for yourself!

We can also masculinize the face, highlighting the most angular and marked masculine features. We place special emphasis on the area of the masseter muscle, which is what gives shape to the male jaw, as well as the chin, bringing character and strength to the man’s face.


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