Escoda Clinic, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona

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The value of experience

More than 30 years enhancing natural beauty

Dr. Nuria Escoda, director of Clínica Escoda, is a specialist in non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments.

With a holistic approach, she treats each patient in a global way to obtain the most natural and effective results.

Training the new generations of specialists in aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Nuria Escoda regularly teaches specialization courses on injection techniques and facial harmonization to professionals in the sector.

Escoda Clinic, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona

Our beauty and anti-aging treatments are effective and safe, with a five-star service.

We offer the most exclusive treatments for skin, face and body

We offer a personalized, high-quality and individualized service to all our patients, in a pleasant and professional environment. Where our medical team, led by Dr. Nuria Escoda, advises on the most appropriate medical treatments for each patient.

Our approach

Personalized attention

An intimate and fully personalised service.

We will study your particular case and propose only the treatments that best suit your goals and your physiognomy.

We will accompany you in your rejuvenation or prevention process by working gradually and clarifying all your doubts.

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Clínica Escoda, Medicina Estética
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