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As we age, our body undergoes a natural process of oxidation, which is responsible for cell damage and aging. This process is influenced by a wide range of external factors, which are known as the exposome. The exposome is a relatively new concept in the health field that refers to the totality of environmental exposures to which a person is subjected throughout their lifetime. These exposures include various external factors, such as environmental pollution, poor diet, radiation from sunlight or artificial light, chemicals in the environment, psychological stress, diet, physical activity, smoking, among others, thus contributing to the deterioration of the skin and health in general.

Related to the exposome and unhealthy lifestyle habits is the concept of inflamaging. The concept of “inflamaging” is a combination of the words “inflammation” and “aging,” and refers to a state of chronic, low-grade inflammation that develops over time in the body, especially as we age. Factors such as oxidative stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, obesity, smoking and chronic stress, among others, can contribute to the development of this chronic low-grade inflammation. Moreover, this chronic inflammation has been associated with the aging process and with different diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, some autoimmune disorders or cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Despite adopting healthy lifestyle habits and our body’s natural antioxidant system, over time this system becomes insufficient to cope with the overload of free radicals generated by the exposome and the impact of inflammaging. This is where the importance of taking additional measures to protect our health and preserve the youthfulness of our skin and body in general comes into play, especially after the age of 40. Here are some treatments that can be especially beneficial in counteracting the effects of inflammaging while promoting healthy aging. For example, when blood flow is compromised due to problems with small capillaries, carboxytherapy can be an effective solution. This treatment involves the application of carbon dioxide under the skin to improve circulation and tissue oxygenation, which in turn helps eliminate toxins and free radicals.

Mesotherapy or vitamin injections under the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté are highly effective treatments to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, revitalize the skin, and fight the signs of aging. These injections deliver a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into the skin, stimulating collagen production and improving firmness and elasticity. These techniques are especially beneficial for delicate areas prone to loss of volume and elasticity, such as the eye and neck area.

Supplementation with oral or intravenous vitamins (known as “drips”) is especially important due to decreased nutrient absorption, particularly as we age and our nutritional needs change. Oral vitamins can help strengthen the immune system, improve bone health, promote cardiovascular health, maintain skin and hair health, and provide energy and vitality. On the other hand, intravenous vitamins, or “drips,” are liquid solutions administered directly into the bloodstream through a vein. This form of administration allows nutrients to be absorbed more quickly and efficiently compared to oral supplements because they pass directly into the bloodstream without needing to be processed by the digestive system.

Finally, Hydrafacial is an innovative facial treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and skin nutrition, providing the skin with the necessary antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and restore radiance and elasticity. However, in addition to these specific treatments, it is important to adopt a comprehensive antioxidant routine that addresses different aspects of skin aging and health and to consult with a healthcare professional to determine individual needs and ensure the safety and efficacy of these treatments.

At Clínica Escoda, our medical team specializing in anti-aging treatments will advise you and provide a comprehensive approach to combat the visible signs of aging in your skin and body.

In summary, the concept of antioxidation is fundamental to understanding how our body copes with the aging process and the effects of the exposome. Adopting a comprehensive antioxidant routine, including specific skin treatments, oral and intravenous supplements, and healthy lifestyle habits, is key to staying young and healthy as we age. With proper care, we can protect our skin and body from the effects of time and enjoy a full and healthy life at any age.

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