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Prevention in aesthetic medicine allows to anticipate the signs of aging, keeping the skin healthier and radiant for longer.

Prevention is important to prevent wrinkles from being marked inside the skin.


If you are starting to worry about frown lines between your eyebrows, this treatment is ideal for you. We perform it at Clínica Escoda by means of small injections to gently relax the muscles between the eyebrows, thus preventing the formation of expression lines from an early age.

It is perfect if you are looking for a fresh and natural look without altering the naturalness of your expressions. Come and try it!

Get a smooth and relaxed forehead thanks to this treatment.
Achieve a skin free of expression lines before they appear and leave a mark on the skin!

The most natural result, one more step to take care of your skin and keep it radiant!



Refresh and intensify your look by treating expression wrinkles around the eyes, an alternative to prevent those dreaded and common crow’s feet that give a tired look to the eyes.

At Clínica Escoda we achieve a natural result to maintain the expressiveness of the face and show the best version of yourself. Ready to get a refresh?

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