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= Lip

If you have always dreamed of having fuller, hydrated, and defined lips, try our star hyaluronic acid treatment,
a must that never fails!

It is ideal if you are looking for a natural result that highlights your unique beauty, as our treatment is 100% customized and adapted to the shape of your lips and face.

Super moisturized and juicy lips are a trend! At Clínica Escoda you can get them through a quick and painless treatment, which consists of a personalized injection of hyaluronic acid adapted to your needs.

Ready to show off fresh lips?

= lip

= Lip contouring
and projection

Did you know that just by highlighting the natural edge of the corners of the mouth, you can achieve a natural projection of the lips? With this treatment we improve and define the contour of the lips to enhance their appearance while maintaining their essence.

Do not hesitate and give that upgrade that your lips are asking for!

Do you notice that when you smile you have a gum exposure of more than 3mm? This is called gummy smile.

At Clínica Escoda we offer effective solutions for this problem. We can treat it with small injections in the muscles that have increased activity and in some cases we also add hyaluronic acid in the lip so that the result is better and more balanced.

Don’t let a gummy smile prevent you from expressing your joy! We help you smile broadly with confidence in just 2 sessions.


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