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Achieving your goals is not as hard as you think

Our team studies each case individually and tailors it to your specific needs, applying over 25 years of experience as specialists in body treatments and nutrition. After a thorough diagnosis, we design a completely personalized treatment aimed at achieving success in your results.

3-level body remodeling

We combine different techniques and technologies that reshape the body at three levels of depth. Starting from the skin, we move to localized fat and reach the muscle to comprehensively address body issues and efficiently resolve them in a satisfying manner.


Upper level
  • Collagen and elastin regeneration
  • Skin tightening
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Improved blood circulation


Middle level
  • Metabolic changes in adipose tissue
  • Localized fat reduction
  • Body sculpting
  • Skin tightening and firming


Deep Level
  • Muscle toning
  • Reduction of visceral fat
  • Muscle gain
  • Body remodeling

Take control and be part of the change

With our expert nutrition team, we also guide and teach our patients to acquire good eating habits that will accelerate the results and make them last over time.
Body Program can help you reach your goals too.
Body Program

How it works

Step 1

Initial diagnosis

Tell us what concerns you, what you want to achieve with Body Program, what your lifestyle is like, your preferences, and needs.

A comprehensive study

We will perform a comprehensive diagnosis at three levels in the consultation, from the surface of the skin to the muscle. We will start with the Tanita bioimpedance system, which will allow us to determine the BMI (Body Mass Index), basal metabolism, fat mass, muscle mass, and body water. And subsequently, we will assess the condition of the skin, giving us a comprehensive view of the starting point.

Dra Escoda, tratamiento de remodelación corporal con mesoterapia homeopática
Dra Escoda, tratamiento de remodelación corporal con SlimUp
Step 2

Treatment Plan

Together with you, we will establish measurable goals and a timeline to achieve them.

Exclusive for each patient

Body Program consists of a personalized combination of body remodeling technologies at three levels of depth and nutrition guidelines, if necessary, to address body issues comprehensively. This unique combination is the key to success in achieving your goals.

Step 3

Support and progress tracking

We will guide you through the various steps of the treatment, so you always feel supported.

Committed to you

We will schedule regular visits where we will measure and you can see your progress for yourself. We will analyze how you feel, if you encounter any difficulties, and if necessary, we will make some adjustments so you can continue progressing towards your goals. Seeing results from the beginning will motivate you to continue.

Step 4

Enjoy the results!

With Body Program, you will see results and start feeling its benefits from the first treatment sessions.

A lasting body reshaping

With the combined body treatment from Body Program, the results are also at multiple levels. We will have achieved body remodeling, collagen and elastin regeneration, skin tightening, drainage, fat reduction, and muscle toning.

Furthermore, with the nutritional guidelines, you will have learned to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life and will have the tools necessary to maintain the results for much longer.


Body Program is not a magic method to achieve your goals overnight.

Body treatments require time and dedication. However, our patients feel and can measure the first results in just a few sessions.

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