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Men’s Aesthetic Medicine: The Most Popular Treatments

Tratamientos de medicina estética facial para hombres en Barcelona, Clínica Escoda

An article by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine points out that two out of every ten men undergo aesthetic medicine treatments. And the number is growing. But what is their favorite treatment?

Right now, the most popular among male audiences is facial neuromodulation to treat expression wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet.

Neuromodulation is the most requested, but every day, other treatments that are becoming more well-known, such as hyaluronic acid for facial contouring, light systems like IPL, and lasers, are also on the rise.

100% Personalized and Natural Male Aesthetic Medicine

Naturalness is the requirement for all our patients, both male and female, but it’s even more critical for men because they fear unnatural results. They want their expressions to remain mobile, and they want their faces to improve without it being obvious.

The top priority in our clinic is NATURALNESS. During the initial consultation, the first thing we do is understand what our patient desires so that we can propose the best treatment program to achieve their desired goal.

Pain is another frequently asked question. We have to say that the treatments are virtually painless. However, if necessary, we can always opt for applying a bit of local anesthesia.

Enhancing the male face is achieved through an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and facial structures that differentiate men from women, which is essential to achieving optimal results.

In the next article, we will define the main differences between the male and female faces and then explain how we use this knowledge in the treatment of our male patients.

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