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Differences in Facial Treatment for Men and Women

Diferencias entre el rostro masculino y femenino en el tratamiento de la medicina estética. Clínica Escoda, Barcelona

Men and women have distinct anatomical differences, leading us to approach their facial treatments differently. Let’s explore these variances layer by layer, from the deepest tissues to the skin, to understand how they influence our facial care approaches.

Structural Differences in a Male Face vs. a Female Face

The deepest layer, bone:

In men, the bony structure is generally larger and more robust, with sharper angles, resulting in increased surface volume.

The forehead is shorter and straighter, lacking curves. The bony ridge for eyebrows is lower and straight, influencing the eventual shape of male eyebrows.

Men have lower-set and less prominent cheekbones, contributing to a more square facial appearance.

The jawline has a tighter angle, defining a square jawline once covered by the masseter muscle above it.

The chin is a vital point in facial structure. In men, it’s wider, squarer, and more prominent. Together with the jaw, it outlines the strong masculine profile.

These differences in bone structure form the foundation for defining male and female facial appearances, guiding our treatment approaches.

Diferencias entre el rostro masculino y femenino en el tratamiento de la medicina estética. Clínica Escoda, Barcelona

The muscle:

Men have more powerful, thicker, and voluminous facial muscles. The masseter muscle is particularly relevant as it covers the jaw angle, shaping the male jawline, a distinctive feature. We enhance this muscle using hyaluronic acid treatments, a process known as “FACIAL MASCULINIZATION“, aimed at enhancing male features while preserving and emphasizing them.


The distribution of fat varies between men and women, with men generally having less fat. Genetic factors and personal/familial traits determine fat quantity.

Significant differences exist in the fat distribution in the cheeks and cheekbones between men and women. When working with hyaluronic acid treatments, it’s crucial to respect these variations to maintain a feminine appearance in women and a masculine appearance in men.


Generally, male skin is thicker, with more sebaceous glands and hair follicles. When recommending cosmetic treatments for male skin, we assess the patient’s skin type and prescribe products that suit their specific needs.

Cosmetic treatments for men should focus on promoting cleanliness, exfoliating dead cells, and supporting skin repair and recovery. The use of sunscreen is essential to maintain healthy skin and manage aging.

Differences in Male and Female Facial Hyaluronic Acid Treatment:

As mentioned earlier, the structural differences between male and female faces are significant. Below, we’ll explore how we apply hyaluronic acid in different facial areas to enhance and maintain male and female features.

When assessing a male face, our initial step involves a conversation with the patient to understand their preferences and objectives. Subsequently, we conduct a professional evaluation and propose treatments we consider most suitable for rejuvenating and enhancing their face.

For men, we work on placing the cheek in a lower and backward position to enhance a square facial appearance. If a lifting effect is required, we also treat the lateral part of the face, known as the “lifting zone,” to promote tissue tension and restore their original position, resulting in a rejuvenated look.

The jawline is another key point we address by increasing its volume and providing a squarer appearance. A strong, prominent jawline is considered a symbol of male beauty.

If necessary, we enhance the chin’s appearance. If the chin is sharp or less prominent, we propose giving it a squarer shape. Combined with jawline masculinization, this creates a powerful and masculine appearance.

Finally, we address the lips, which often concern men. However, when they experience and witness the results of well-hydrated, smooth lips that suit their face, they frequently request this treatment in subsequent sessions.

Differences Between Men and Women in Wrinkle Treatment with Muscle Relaxants

Male muscles are typically more robust than female muscles, associated with a shorter, straighter forehead and lower, flat eyebrows. Some male patients may also have areas of hair loss on the head.

Therefore, when using muscle relaxants in men, we consider that larger unit quantities may be required for effective results.

It’s crucial not to raise the eyebrows excessively or create a pronounced arch since male eyebrows tend to maintain a straighter appearance. Furthermore, when hair loss areas exist on the head, it’s essential to address wrinkles in this area for a comprehensive and natural result.

Skin Care Treatments for Men

Regarding male skincare, we distinguish between two approaches: cosmetic and medical treatments. The choice of specific medical treatments for men depends on their skin type and the degree of aging.

For men seeking preventive treatments, we recommend options such as vitamin mesotherapy, which revitalizes the skin, intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) to address spots and close pores, and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment to regenerate the collagen layer.

For those experiencing stress, which can negatively impact the skin due to issues such as lack of sleep or poor nutrition, we’ve designed an “ANTI-STRESS PROGRAM“. This program combines relaxing deep skin hydration treatments with mesotherapy sessions incorporating vitamins and exfoliation to remove dead cells and revitalize the face. We also offer supplement recommendations to enhance skin vitality and overall well-being from within, helping the body recover from stress.

In the case of facial sagging, we offer High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment, performed once a year, for a significant internal renewal of collagen quality and quantity, resulting in a natural rejuvenating effect.

Concerning daily skincare routines, cosmetics play a fundamental role in maintaining male skin in optimal condition. Due to the specific characteristics of male skin, which tends to be thicker with more dilated pores, gentle cleansing with mild soaps and the use of exfoliants to remove dead cells are essential. The inclusion of active acids such as retinol helps regenerate collagen.

Furthermore, the use of mild moisturizers is crucial to protect the skin and maintain optimal hydration, contributing to its protective effect. We must not forget the importance of sunscreen to prevent skin damage, including collagen loss, reduced elasticity, and the development of dark spots.

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