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Find your vitamin treatment

The skin is our most important calling card, and keeping it healthy, free from acne marks, with the smallest possible pores, and devoid of warts, blemishes, or visible marks helps us achieve a more beautiful and clean appearance.

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We present GenBe by Clínica Escoda

At Clínica Escoda we are always evolving and looking for new ways to meet the needs of all our patients. Aware of the growing interest of young people in beauty and wellness, we have created and designed GENBE.

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Gummy smile: everything you need to know

The smile is undoubtedly one of the most attractive human expressions. It is the result of the relationship between three elements (dental, labial and gingival), which is created by the contraction of certain muscles located in the middle and lower thirds of the face.

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Diferencias entre el rostro masculino y femenino en el tratamiento de la medicina estética. Clínica Escoda, Barcelona

Differences in Facial Treatment for Men and Women

Men and women have distinct anatomical differences, leading us to approach their facial treatments differently. Let’s explore these variances layer by layer, from the deepest tissues to the skin, to understand how they influence our facial care approaches.

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