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Do you know what the CO2 Laser can do for your skin?

The skin is our most important calling card, and keeping it healthy, free from acne marks, with the smallest possible pores, and devoid of warts, blemishes, or visible marks helps us achieve a more beautiful and clean appearance.

That’s why at CLINICA ESCODA, we have incorporated a new device that allows us to help you eliminate the lesions that prevent the skin from displaying its best texture and quality.

The skin can return to looking clean in one or two average sessions (in some cases, more sessions may be required), and with a yearly maintenance session, the results are typically sufficient to maintain over the years.

We have two working systems, each of which allows us to treat a specific type of lesion, as detailed below.

Two major types of work

Benign lesions:


Improving skin quality:


CO2 fractional laser treatment is a gradual and safe procedure that stimulates the body to replace aging and photo-damaged skin through a process known as PHOTOTHERMOLYSIS.

Fractional Photothermolysis: This laser system is equipped with a mechanism that allows the emitted beam of light to be fractionated into many small points. When in contact with the skin, these points penetrate multiple small areas, leaving healthy zones in between. This light fractionation system enables skin regeneration of up to 20% more effective with each treatment session and a rapid recovery, as it preserves healthy tissue, thereby shortening the healing time.

Also to increase the speed of recovery we apply exosomes, the new regenerative molecule.

The advantages of using CO2 fractional laser include:

Non-invasive treatment.
Each session lasts around 20 to 40 minutes.
Quick patient recovery.
Suitable for all skin types.
Skin rejuvenation.
Elimination of blemishes and scars.

Minimal side effects:
Erythema that lasts for about three days.
Swelling that typically lasts for approximately four days.
Skin tanning that fades within approximately 14 days.

Advantages of using CO2 laser to remove benign lesions:

Between 1 and 2 sessions we manage to eliminate benign lesions such as warts, nevi, etc.
A crust remains on the skin that disappears after about 1 week. The lesion disappears from the first moment and a pink background remains which is the skin recovering, which takes between 3 weeks and 1 month to disappear and leave the skin normal.


From the first sessions, the benefits can be observed, such as:

· Improved skin texture.
· Reduced pore size.
· Disappearance of blemishes after the regeneration process.
· Reduction of wrinkles around the eyes and improvement of acne scars.
· Rejuvenation of the neck, chest, and hands.
· Remodeling and attenuation of surgical scars and stretch marks.

Immediately after healing, the skin’s surface will be smoother, appear brighter and more even, with a more uniform tone.

CO2 fractional laser treatment is a safe and effective rejuvenation procedure that addresses wrinkles, restores firmness to sagging skin, and takes years off one’s appearance, without the risks and complications associated with facial surgery.

How many sessions are necessary, and when can results be seen?

Although results are noticeable after the first session, it is recommended to have 3 sessions for optimal results, especially for moderate wrinkles, and five sessions for cases with acne scars or severe sun damage. Sessions are performed once a month.

Is CO2 fractional laser treatment painful?

This laser treatment is not painful, but it can be uncomfortable, and the sensation of pain depends on each individual sensitivity. To ensure greater comfort during the session, topical anesthesia is applied generously to all areas to be treated one hour before the treatment.

What side effects can be expected after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, you may observe some degree of redness, swelling, and a burning sensation.

The immediate application of EXOSOMES significantly speeds up and enhances skin repair. Therefore, we recommend their application after each CO2 laser resurfacing session.

Additionally, the application of a hydrating and repairing cream is advised. A sunscreen should be applied at the end of the session if it is conducted between 9 am and 5 pm.

The skin may appear pink for 5 to 7 days, which is a sign that the skin is healing deeply. Inflammation is mild and typically resolves within two to three days. Makeup can be applied by women, and shaving can be resumed for men starting two days after the session. Skin cleansing is permissible, and it is recommended to apply a high-SPF moisturizer and sunscreen.

Pre-treatment instructions:

Avoid sun exposure for one month before the treatment.

Ensure the skin is completely healthy and clean for the procedure.

Discontinue retinol products two months before.

Stop using Glycolic and Retinoic acids one month before treatment.

Avoid mechanical or chemical dermabrasion treatments one month before.

Refrain from hair removal one week before the treatment.

If you have herpes, provide prophylactic treatment.

Post-treatment instructions:

Avoid sun exposure for three months.

Use sunscreen at least twice a day.

Use hypoallergenic creams.


Patients with current or previous skin cancer.

During pregnancy and lactation.

Not recommended for patients with herpes or dermatitis.

Not for those currently on Isotretinoin treatment or, in that case, must have discontinued it two months prior to the treatment.

Not for those using corticosteroids.

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