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The results of preventing aging for 15 years with aesthetic medicine treatments

With the experience of many years of aesthetic medicine treatments and the great importance of the trust of our patients, we can show you how the treated faces have evolved over 15 years, with care, moderation, and respect for the features of each person. The best thing is prevention! 

A picture is worth a thousand words

Between the two photos, there is a difference of 15 years. The treatments have been progressive by incorporating what the patient’s face needed at each moment.

Of course, it is not the same to treat a face at 35 years old as it is at 50 or 60, so the most important thing is to adapt the treatment to the needs of each person.

The best thing is prevention, and starting young makes it easier to look well since you will correct the slight signs of aging as they appear.

When we look for a rejuvenation Natural Lift Treatment, it is crucial to take into account the combination of treatments to raise the cheekbones, remove the sagging of the temple and raise the eyebrow, tighten the facial oval, smooth frown lines, eyes, and forehead, remove red capillaries, spots, revitalize the skin and remove fine wrinkles…

We prepare a customized plan for each person and execute the different treatments in several sessions throughout the year.

Everything done with moderation and carefulness gives such natural results that allow us to enjoy our face looking good for many more years.

The secret? A good diagnosis, quality in the treatment, both with the products used and the technique employed, and constancy.

Our basis:

● A good diagnosis to establish the sequence of treatments.

● The best products on the market and the most appropriate doses.

● The technique and the quality training of all our specialists who will accompany you on every step of the process.

● The constancy in all this will lead us to reach these natural results progressively by age 60.

The end of the journey

The passing of the years is inevitable, and no one can stop it, but… Who wants to do it? The aim is to avoid looking bad and flabby, with sagging cheeks and sunken eyes that denote fatigue.

And to live feeling good with ourselves, of course! At 30, 40, 50, etc., In the end, it’s just a choice, your choice.

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