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Complexion Renewal Pads Zo Skin Health


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Facial toner designed for acne prevention and oil removal, normalization of pore size, and reduction of inflammation and irritation. The texture of the disc impregnated with the facial toner is specially designed to promote exfoliation.

Indicated for:

Normal, combination or oily skin type.


– The discs effectively remove dead cells.

– Reduces oiliness and prevents clogging of pores

– Anti-irritant properties, reduces redness

– Helps restore skin hydration.

How to use:

Apply a cotton pad using gentle strokes all over the face avoiding the eye contour.

1-2 times a day, according to the doctor’s indications.


Salicylic acid 2% and glycolic acid: sebum control and pore unclogging.

Blend of botanical extracts: anti-irritant and antioxidant properties.


60 impregnated discs

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