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Summer Essentials Kit: 2 Must-Have Cosmetics

Neceser de verano, los cosméticos médicos imprescindibles para una buena rutina facial en verano

What medical cosmetic products are worth having in our summer essentials kit?

Our skin envelops us, protects us, and serves as our first barrier against external aggressions. It’s also our largest organ and the one that will most clearly reflect our inner and outer condition.

It’s important to care for and protect it, especially in summer when it’s more exposed to external aggressions.

In summer skincare routines, we’ll primarily focus on two concepts: REPAIR and PROTECT.

How can we repair damaged skin?

The sun’s rays, which are stronger in summer, accelerate the oxidation process and therefore the aging of our skin! That’s why Vitamin C, one of the most potent antioxidants, will be one of our best allies.

Serum facial de Vitamina C pura de Reveel
Vitamin C Concentrate – Cura intensiva 3 semanas | Reveel

Pure Vitamin C antioxidant facial serum

Reveel’s pure Vitamin C facial serum is a potent anti-aging treatment that visibly reduces signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, facial spots, and sagging.

They are applied in the morning, but if you don’t use retinol at night, you can also apply them after your nighttime cleansing routine and before your moisturizer if needed.

How can we protect the skin to prevent damage?

Sunscreen is our direct barrier against the sun’s rays; it should be applied every day throughout the year, but in summer, special emphasis is necessary.

There are different types of sunscreens, and my favorites are physical filters since they act as a physical barrier that protects us. They function like screens, reflecting radiation and preventing it from penetrating the skin, and they work immediately without needing to wait for them to activate. Additionally, they are suitable for sensitive or intolerant skin.

Mineral sunscreen SPF 50+

We recommend a gentle and lightweight physical sunscreen that doesn’t leave a greasy or occlusive feeling on the skin and is highly effective. This is a physical sunscreen with SPF 50+, meaning maximum protection, that guards against all 4 types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible, and Infrared).

Its texture is very fluid and easy to spread, leaving an invisible matte finish without any white residue or shine. Moreover, you have two options of mineral sunscreen with beige-tinted makeup coverage for fair skin and bronze for tanned skin.

How do we apply the sunscreen?

The sunscreen should be applied before leaving the house. This is important because if we wait until we reach the beach, the mountains, or wherever we’re going, it’s too late as our skin has already been exposed to the sun.

If we’re exposed to the sun for hours, remember to reapply every two hours or so, as sweat or simple wear and tear can diminish our protection.

If we’re going to the beach, pool, or swimming in any lake or river, we must remember to reapply the protection every time we exit the water.

Remember that in addition to protecting the skin with sunscreen, it’s important to use barriers like hats or sunglasses that will also help protect our eyes from the sun’s rays. Let’s not forget that they are also sensitive to solar radiation and can get damaged, sometimes irreversibly.

As a reminder, when applying sunscreen to your face,let’s not forget the neck, décolleté, and handsThey are the most exposed areas to the sun throughout the year and the ones that are most easily damaged over time, becoming filled with capillaries, spots, and fine wrinkles.

Repair, protect… and hydrate

In addition to protecting and repairing, let’s not forget that in summer we also need to hydrate the skin. In summer, we usually don’t need a heavy cream texture, and depending on skin types, often a good serum can be sufficient. For drier skin types that need a bit more hydration, you can apply a lighter cream over the serum.

Anti-aging Serum Endor Technologies para todo tipo de pieles. Dra Escoda
Anti-aging Serum Endor Technologies
Anti-aging Cream Endor Technologies para pieles normales, mixtas o grasas. Dra Escoda
Anti-aging Cream Endor Technologies
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