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How to recover your skin after summer? The perfect combination of aesthetic treatments.

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Recovering beautiful skin after summer is easy and achievable. We’ll explain it to you!!

The beautiful tan on the skin results from the effects of outdoor life, whether at the sea, the pool, or the mountains.

The skin on the face, neckline, and hands is the most exposed and the most affected by the effects of summer.

Surely you’ve always been mindful of applying sunscreen, but there have been many days when you’ve forgotten (it happens often) and your sun exposure has been more intense.

If you add to that the effect of pool chlorine, the healthy seawater, food from beach bars, and staying up late… we find ourselves with skin that has had to produce more melanin to protect itself from the sun’s rays, had to defend against various aggressions, and has accumulated more dead skin cells.

How does the skin look by the end of summer?

The skin appears thicker, with a greater amount of dead cells, and it looks more dull.

It also feels drier and more dehydrated due to the sun, the sea, the chlorine, … The skin loses water, and this is noticeable as we even see fine wrinkles on the surface.

More spots start to appear, and you might not notice them as much right now because you’re still tanned, and the contrast is lower. But as the tan fades, the spots on the face will become more noticeable.

Free radicals are generated in our skin when it’s under stress from situations like sun exposure, lack of sleep, poor diet, or inadequate skincare. Even though you can’t see them, they are damaging your skin from the inside. We’ll explain how we can neutralize them!

The most effective treatments to recover your skin after summer

At Clínica Escoda, we have several suggestions to help you make your skin look beautiful, some available in our clinic, and others we’ll explain for you to do at home.

Hyaluronic acid treatment to replenish water, which is vital for regaining hydration.

Hyaluronic acid is the star molecule that allows us to hydrate the skin from the first session. So, the hyaluronic acid treatment to properly hydrate the skin is one of our favorites (and also our patients’).

The most delicate areas are the face, neckline, and hands, and for each one, we have a specific hyaluronic acid that will allow us to repair it.

Vitamins to block the free radicals that damage the skin from within

Vitamins are the nutrients that protect and repair us. They are essential when we want to recover our skin and our body.

We have three ways to apply vitamins to our skin:

  • Injecting them through gentle mesotherapy to reach the deep layers immediately, protecting the skin and stimulating it.
  • Taking them orally in the form of supplements that will nourish your skin and your entire body from the inside.
  • Applying them on the skin in the form of serums rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Facial peels to remove the excess dead cells from the surface of our skin.

Gentle peels are the star. In each facial peel session, they gently remove dead cells, allowing nutrient-rich and hydrating cosmetics to easily penetrate our skin, enhancing their effectiveness.

The skincare that helps you improve the results and maintain them for a longer time.

A good routine with high-quality cosmetic products greatly helps us in recovering our skin. It’s important to appropriately combine different active ingredients based on our skin type and the aspects we want to improve.

If you have doubts about how to combine different cosmetics for your specific case and can’t visit our clinic, ask us for a free online skin diagnosis. You only need two minutes to fill out our questionnaire, and you’ll receive a personalized skincare routine.

Do you want to learn about our skin recovery proposal after the summer?

At Clínica Escoda, we offer you a combination of vitamins with hyaluronic acid that provides both revitalizing elements to your skin in each session. We inject this powerful combination with ultra-fine needles into your skin, allowing it to enter directly and immediately without causing harm.

We always accompany gentle treatments with a prior facial peel to remove dead cells, and we finish with the application of a mask rich in growth factors that enhances the reparative effect of the treatment.

Every skin is different, and each person’s sensitivity varies, so we will tailor the program by first studying your skin.

The post-summer skincare that accompanies the reparative treatment is based on three fundamental principles:

  • A gentle yet effective facial exfoliant that enhances and maintains the effect of the treatment done in the clinic.
  • A vitamin C serum to neutralize free radicals.
  • A reparative moisturizer that helps balance skin hydration and complements the water supply provided by the injected hyaluronic acid treatment.
  • We offer an online advisory service on our website, where an expert cosmetologist will advise you on the best combination for you.

The nutrition guidelines we’ve prepared to nourish your skin from the inside, along with recommendations for supplements that help provide more energy and vitality to your skin.

We look forward to welcoming you at Clínica Escoda, specialists in aesthetic and regenerative medicine, dedicated to the care of natural beauty.

A team of professionals at your service.

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