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Case study: Treatment of static and dynamic wrinkles

Many people have heard about hyaluronic acid and neuromodulator cosmetic treatments. But despite the appeal of their many benefits, many doubts arise too: What if I end up with an unnatural expression? Is it safe? What is the process like? Will I really notice any changes? Is it safe? What is the process like? Will I really notice any changes?

To answer all these possible questions and show you the real benefits of a hyaluronic acid and neuromodulator treatment, Dr Escoda has recorded this video with the step-by-step process of a real case: Esmeralda’s cosmetic treatment performed this month in Barcelona.

What effects can be achieved with hyaluronic acid fillers?

In Esmeralda’s particular case, she already had a harmonious face and a well-cared for skin, but there were some points she wanted to improve.

The decrease in collagen had prompted puffiness and marked dark circles under her eyes, along with some incipient expression lines on both sides of the mouth (known as ‘marionette lines’) that resulted in a tired and somewhat sad appearance. Besides, there was incipient flaccidity in the skin of her face. As usual, the furrowed brow lines were also becoming more pronounced over time, giving her a more sombre or angry appearance.

As we can see in the video, after the treatment, Esmeralda’s expression lines have diminished, the dark circles under her eyes have faded and the skin around her eyes appears juicier and fuller or “repulped”. The skin of the face appears overall smoother and the lines that draw the face are higher and more defined, including a greater elevation in the area of the temples and chin. The facial oval is the area that most reveals the passage of time since it tends to fall over the years, presenting a flaccid appearance that gives away the loss of youth. By working on specific points on the face with hyaluronic acid fillers, the facial oval is raised again and redefined.

The skin of the cheeks around the corners of the mouth also appears less droopy, thanks to having treated the area of the zygomatic arch (the area where the temples and the jaw meet, a part of the skull where the muscles responsible for lifting the lip corners are located). The result: a more cheerful and healthy-looking face and a more attractive overall facial expression. The face contour also appears more refined, making the patient look thinner.

Treating the eyebrows’ furrow with neuromodulators, attenuates the wrinkles and softens the appearance, making the eyes look wider and diminishing the concerned expression that usually comes with time.

However, Esmeralda’s treatment, like any of Dr Escoda’s patients, began before this whole process. It started with a personalized assessment and evaluation session after which a tailor-made plan was designed: defining the amounts and qualities of hyaluronic acid to be used and the points to be treated with either hyaluronic acid or neuromodulators. She also quantifies the number of sessions needed to achieve the defined goals.

In Esmeralda’s particular case, four different sessions were planned: to treat the mouth and the areas around the eyes and to raise the cheekbones, the temples, the chin and the jawline. Neuromodulator treatment was limited to the area between the eyebrows.

As shown in the comparative before and after image, the goals have been largely achieved. Esmeralda’s final face is smoother and more hydrated, with a more youthful appearance and a more cheerful and relaxed expression that makes it more attractive. The change, however, is subtle and completely natural.

Q&A before a neuromodulator and hyaluronic acid session

Would you like to achieve similar results to those of Esmeralda but still have doubts or fears about the Botox and hyaluronic treatment?

The questions that our potential patients usually ask us are usually very similar:

Will I still look natural after my treatment with hyaluronic acid and neuromodulators?

As you can see in the video, our combined hyaluronic acid and neuromodulator treatments are gentle and progressive and result in a completely natural look and expression. In the case of Esmeralda, at the end she just looks “better”: more relaxed, less tired, the dark circles under her eyes are diminished and don’t stand out, the skin presents no flaccidity and the small fine wrinkles are attenuated. But her acquaintances were not able to attribute those “good looks” to any particular change.

Dr Escoda always devises personalized treatments based on the needs and the physiognomy of each person to achieve the most natural results possible, suiting the proportions of each patient.

Besides, the treatment leaves hardly any visible marks, only a slight temporary swelling after the fillers, which allows the patient to continue with their daily life immediately afterwards.

Is there a danger of infection?

Absolutely not. Dr Escoda always works with sterile material, including materials such as gauze or gloves, and uses medical disinfectants such as alcoholic chlorexhidine and aqueous chlorexhidine throughout the process.

– What will the process cost?

Since the treatments are totally bespoke, the cost will vary according to the number of sessions and areas that require work on each patient.

Regarding payment terms, we have various payment plans, in order to adapt to your circumstances. Don’t doubt to ask us about them.

If you still have more questions, contact us and ask for an appointment for an individualized assessment and evaluation of your case. Request an appointment for an informative visit, we will be happy to answer your questions!

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